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Our platform provides swift, automated verification, ensuring precise and reliable results. With robust security measures, we prquickverifytize data protection, fostering a secure environment for all your verification needs, offering peace of mind.



Effortless verifications with automated technology. Speeding up identity confirmation for a seamless experience.



Ensuring precise validation for trustworthy verifications. Cross-checking data meticulously for reliable results



Prquickverifytizing data protection with robust security measures. Safeguarding sensitive information with advanced encryption.

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NIN Verification


CAC Verification


BVN Verification


TIN Verification


License Plate Verification


Passport Verification


Drivers License Verification


Phone No Verification

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Through our commitment to automated, accurate, and secure verification processes, we have built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Our dedication to swift verifications, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, ensures that every user can rely on our platform for a seamless and secure verification experience. With a focus on maintaining the highest standards of data security, we have garnered the trust of countless users, making us a go-to choice for all their verification needs..

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These individuals have a National Identification Number (NIN), but their NIN cannot be found in the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) verification server. Neither government agencies nor private sector organizations can access their data for verification purposes..
An Inprocessing Error occurs when an NIN is not generated, and this can be attributed to a few possible causes. One common reason is that the individual has already enrolled before, which often leads to this issue. Another possibility is that there were errors in data capture, such as insufficient fingerprint data or invalid parent information. In such cases, we will review the situation and provide you with the necessary information or a tracking ID to address the error..
This option is selected when the enroller has previously completed NIN registration but is unable to provide the necessary information to search for it in the NIMC database. In such situations, a new enrollment is conducted in order to trace back the old record. It is important to always provide the oldest tracking ID available, as we will assign the next one in a backward sequence.
You can fund your E-wallet balance using various methods:

=1=Debit Card: You can add funds to your E-wallet using Debit Cards such as Verve, MasterCard, or Visa.

=2=USSD: You can also fund your E-wallet via USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes.

=3=Bank Transfer: You have the option to fund your E-wallet through a bank transfer.

=4=Bank Partner Integration: Our secure partner, Flutterwave, allows you to fund your E-wallet directly through your bank account.

Additionally, on the Top-Up page, you can reserve any account number that is linked to your E-wallet. Once you make a transfer to that reserved account, your E-wallet will be automatically credited.
Once you transfer the money or make a payment, your wallet will be automatically credited without the need to forward the receipt to anyone or contact the admin on WhatsApp. It's important to note that interbank transfers may occasionally experience delays of around 10 minutes or more.
=1=IN PROGRESS: This status indicates that the validation request is still in progress and awaiting completion.

=2=Completed: This status indicates that the validation process has been successfully completed. And under the response field you will see the tracking ID validated on the work

=3=FAILED: This status indicates that the validation process has failed or encountered an error and Response field will give reason

=4=BVN NIN: This status indicates that the NIN provided is generated from Bank Verification Number (BVN). And it can't be validated until modification is done on the NIN to be active for validation, the response will give the BVN number after BVN0

=5=byPass NIN: This status indicates that the NIN has been obtained or modified without following the proper registration procedure, resulting in a bypassed NIN hence it can't be validated here

=6=Suspended NIN: This status indicates that the NIN is currently suspended with reason best known to Nimc, hence you are required to do modification of the NIN or direct to Nimc own Enrollment center.
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